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Hidden City – Mystery of Shadows Ruby Hack Generator

Welcome to the mysterious town! Do you like playing puzzles? Or wanna be a detective?  So you have to play this game and start your detective!

Yes, this Hidden City Mystery of Shadow game is a puzzle game! You should find the objects that have been listed in your hint list.

Early in the game, you will know the background story of the game. One day, Told that your friends are drawn into a foreign world. The only thing that can save him is you!.

Then you finally also entered into that mysterious world and started collecting information t  o save your friend that missing! How to play the game is also quite easy. But it took extra accuracy.

You were told to look for the items in the hint list that located on your left screen gadget. Start looking for items that take you to all the clues to find your friends !!

Ruby in this Hidden City Mystery of Shadows is the precious resources! The Ruby is the important thing that you need to collect! This Ruby is the premium currency of this game! Premium Currency is very helpful for you to finish the game greatly!



In this game, Ruby is used as the money of the game. It means that this thing can purchase you the supporting items that you never get before, like new characters, new items that needed, new skills, new weapons and much more!

Also, if you have a Ruby, you can skip your time to complete the daily quest. And that’s why some people give up their money to buy the currency.

But I think that way is not the effective way! Because we have the solution about it! If the other developer page asked you to pay with your real money, you could get it for FREE!

Yes, introduce our generator, HIDDEN CITY MYSTERY OF SHADOWS RUBY HACK GENERATOR! This generator will give you tons of bonuses, such as:

  • Unlimited Ruby!
  • Unlock all hidden features!
  • Unlock level!
  • Unlimited weapons and ability!


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