Dragon Village 2 Hack Diamonds Free Android / IOS

Dragon Village 2 Diamonds Hack Cheat Generator

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Dragon Village 2 Diamonds Hack Generator Tutorial

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Dragon Village 2 Game Info

Collect, practice and change dragons to become the BEST dragon tamer!

▣ Over 260+ dragons each with unique traits you’ll be able to obtain and acquire!
▣ Develop your dragons through 5 periods!
▣ Getting stories, missions and objectives with various friends and competitors!
▣ New dragons introduced every month!
▣ Fight against a large number of different people along with your friends’ dragons!

• YOU are the trust of Dragon Town! Save the ongoing future of Utahkhan, the property of dragon tamers, against strong predators who would like to ruin the planet. Exciting activities and challenging missions await you. Are you ready becoming a monster tamer?

• dragons that are numerous that are Gather and change them to get to be the most powerful monster tamer!Dragons are grouped into element types including more, and fire, soil, wind, water, light, night! Each dragon has distinctive ATK/DEF/HP and unique set of skills that it can use numbers.

• Plan your own combinations to test your dragons against other users’ dragons and also various foes!Monster Village 2’s PVP program (Colosseum) involves 1v1, 3v3, and contest method which suggests planning your squad of dragons to become enhanced for each type of battle is essential to your victory. Tamers with strategy and preparation can get the triumph! Your efforts and effects is going to be compensated with objects and good rewards!

• You are not alone.Followers and many friends is going to be with you to assist you through the entire game. But there also will be predators and jeopardize your pals and rivals who’ll risk Utahkhan! Introduce the wicked ideas of your opponents and stop them to safeguard your friends through quests and numerous missions when you challenge your path through with your dragons! Companions and your friends can compensate you for your support with diamonds and gold.

Arrive and join! Your monster is looking forward to you. Let the venture start!

Playing this game requires 4G, web connection through 3G, or wifi

Visit the Monster Town 2 Standard site: http://en.dragonvillage.net / dv2/ panel/all

Hundreds of Dragon Town 2 customers arrived at discuss talk and information about Dragon Community!
Highbrow site -inc.com
Highbrow/Dragon Community Facebook: https :
Highbrow Youtube Route: https:/ / channel/UC6g-3ON3MpaiUuxBg25CZAg

**Items might be acquired through actual life money’s use with In Software Billing outside the sport. Accordingto Customer Protection Work all transaction cancellations may be restricted. Please e-mail for further details. Please contact “help@highbrow-inc.com” regarding any game-related issues with your sport identity, Nickname, system design specification.

Rivals At War Hack Bucks Online

Rivals At War Bucks Hack Cheat Generator

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Rivals At War Bucks Hack Generator Tutorial

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Rivals At War Game Info

RECRUIT an elite staff of combat troopers and photographers who’re ready for responsibility anytime and anywhere. EDUCATE your troopers and enhance your firearms for every single mission. STRIKE the adversary watching unbelievable mind -to- . CONQUER rival teams from aroundtheworld. Combat for VICTORY and be the elite’s elite!

* Fight with its own 3D battlefield across four unique battle cases, each.
* Assemble your troop, picking from 6 distinctive soldier sorts – Leader, Sniper, Observed Breacher, Gunner, Radioman and Team.
* Power-up talent incentives to enhance the Injury, Pace, Accuracy, Protection and Health qualities of the soldiers.
* Uncover new troops with firearms, better guns and capabilities to enhance your crewis fight invasion standing.
* Modify your crew with staff badges and diverse camouflage uniforms.
* Select powerful tactics cards to idea each challenge within your benefit.
* 45 successes to accomplish that uncover more exclusive incentives.
* Get your elite staff to global control.

It’s your responsibility to protect the world in the threats of terrorism. Shoot for wonder and recognition and make to become Rivals at War!

ORGANIC has full resolution assistance for large-screen phones and drugs!

High School Story Hack For Rings Online No Download

High School Story Rings Hack Cheat Generator

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High School Story Rings Hack Generator Tutorial

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High School Story Game Info

Place events, socialize, and date the greatest children in town… INSIDE High School Account that is YOUR!

Perform as being a jock, geek, or prep – the decision is yours while you stay your teenage years the right path! Be girl or the guy that EVERYONE really wants to recognize!

Attend events with new friends at homecoming or prom browse the Section of Love where relationship is inside the atmosphere, and to incorporate them for the university of your goals! Obtain an all star partner… or date the head cheerleader! Continue excursions that are outrageous with your classmates, and study each of their secrets! Discover these and a huge selection of other tales at your amazing campus today!

– Include SPECIAL CLASSMATES to your group! From prom leaders to homecoming queens, befriend them all!
– Become BFFs with amazing people like Payton WITHIN THE PARTY-GIRL or Nishan in MISSION NERDPOSSIBLE!
– Host functions to meet over 30 CLASSMATE TYPES!Writers, cheerleaders, rock-climbers, and more!
– Date YOUR aid and CRUSH your BFFs find romance also!
– Meet with cute boys and girls at the ILLUSION PHOTOBOOTH, and make your choice!
– Battle a rival high school in the legendary HOMECOMING GAME!
– Get pumped-up together with the cheer leader at CHEERLEADER CAMP!
– Nerd out in the RESEARCH GOOD, or get creative in an enormous NUISANCE CONFLICT together with your friends!
– Decorate your ASPIRATION CAMPUS to bins of puppies from prom thrones with everything!
– Modify your look! Informal or proper or nice… YOU DECIDE ON!
– Dress up in FORMALWEAR for prom your date around the dancefloor!
– GO CONTINUOUS having a hot woman or sweetheart to your friends!
– to coding in a particular mission with WOMEN WHO CODE Get an introduction!
– Study advanced high school terminology phrases in ENTERTAINING MINI-GAMES!
– Enjoy experiences, romances, functions, and selections WEEKLY!

Senior School Account is totally liberated to perform, however, you should buy some in-sport items with real cash. Should you not need to use this element, you can disable in-app purchases in your system’s configurations.

For the enthusiasm: many thanks to the people. Pixelberry is just a firm believer that a distinction can be made by games. And you’ve confirmed they are able to.

When we joined with non-profits, Such As The Cybersmile Foundation, a cyberbullying non-profit, and also the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) you answered with great enthusiasm. Together, some things that were incredible were completed by we’ve.
* More Than 4 million participants have learned more about cyberbullying.
* More Than 30, 000 players have visited with NEDA’s websites for more information about eating disorders.
* And 1000s of participants reach out to Cybersmile for help.

Many thanks! We genuinely enjoy support and your enthusiasm.

– The Pixelberry Team

Dragon Friends : Green Witch Hack Generator For Gems

Dragon Friends : Green Witch Gems Hack Cheat Generator

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Dragon Friends : Green Witch Gems Hack Generator Tutorial

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Dragon Friends : Green Witch Hack Generator Features

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Dragon Friends : Green Witch Game Info

Acquire brilliant unique dragons while personalizing your mystical island around the Android! Socialize along with household online and your close friends with unlimited choices.

Type, hatch, and supply your great dragons and collect dragons that are super. Have a journey to the magical area where desires are made! Decorate your monster island with beneficial habitats, crops, and stunning buildings.

And with Secret Chance, special to Dragon Buddies: Green Witch, you have an awesome chance to level your standard Tree Dragon up into ultra-rare Guard Monster with merely a contact of the wand! Send your dragons in to the skies and party on the list of stars with your adorably tough monster beasts! Start with an egg and evolve your dragons into beautiful, magical things.

Though about the monster reproduction adventure, you outdated can satisfy and socialize with your buddies and fresh. Workin stores enable one another by looking after plants, as well as bless valuable dragons and levelup your town quicker. Support maintain your hybrid habitat by implementing pigs, pets, and cats also!

Come meet with the simple Afraid group nowadays, waiting in your area and also the brilliant special pets of Monster Friends! Did we mention there are also additional incredible creatures including pets cats, and even goats? Carry your monster village to perfection by following, breeding, and purchasing many of these fantastic dream buddies!

Come join your pals!

– Easy Google+ log-in. Ask family and all of your friends to enjoy along with you!
– high quality, palm-drawn dragons similar to Hollywood animations
– Find hybrid Dragons creatures that are great.Obtain them all!
– Try different breeding combinations to get the beings that are most unusual and distinctive!
– Social Characteristics: caring, benefit, speaking, visiting and more!
– Friends recommendation by private interests
– Amazing meticulously detailed houses and accessories. Zoomin to see them yourself!
– every week goods and houses are added!
– Totally modify your area showing down for your friends!
– Lovely animations and looks provide dragons and your area alive
– Play and educate your dragons when they are hatched by you just how to communicate!
– Magic Guild: develop stronger relationships by producing guilds!
– Ranks of Experience, Cultural Activity, Dragons’ Collection and much more!
– Treasure Spin: earn prizes that are special and spin it at no cost once aday!
– Flappy Monster: new minigame where your Monster is guided by you through a pitch-dark forest!
– Secret Recipe: acquire secret substances and make use of them to produce secret objects that are helpful!

Having troubles? Any ideas? We would want to hear from you! You’ll be able to reach us at http://innospark.helpshift.com / a dragon-buddies/ or discover us on formal Page at https://www.facebook.com/dragonfriends

NOTICE: Dragon Buddies: Green Witch demands an internet connection to play (3G or WiFi).
PLEASE NOTE: Monster Buddies: Green Witch is completely liberated to perform; nevertheless, some in-sport items can be bought using realmoney. If you don’t want to utilize this attribute, please eliminate in-app expenditures in your unit’s configurations.

Thanks for playing!

Disney Magic Kingdoms Hack Gems Free Cheats

Disney Magic Kingdoms Gems Hack Cheat Generator

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Disney Magic Kingdoms Gems Hack Generator Tutorial

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Disney Magic Kingdoms Game Info


Is it possible to enable take it all back while Maleficent casts an evil cause about the Empire, eliminating it of of its potent secret? Revive the thrill of Disney Parks and build one of the Park of one’s desires in Disney Magic Kingdoms!

• Wonderful attractions for example “it is a little world,” Space Pile, Inc. Chuckle Ground and the Things from Disney Areas from around the world, including Walt Disney World, California Experience, Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland!
• Dazzling new sights such as WALL- E’s Residence and Cyclops Sushi — all individually inspired by their shows!
• Revive wonderful moments from your Parks with all the complete family through energetic Parades offering fireworks and wonderful floats!

• Discuss spectacular moments with precious characters including the previously- daring place ranger Buzz Lightyear hopeful the spirited princess, Mickey Mouse Rapunzel , the nice and sassy Tinker Bell and more enjoyable heroes!
• Play a huge selection of whimsical, fun, and animated adventures that deliver every pixel of the Kingdom alive!
• Gather unforgettable Disney-styled what from Maleficent’s wicked cause to each figure that is free!

• Unravel and perform a mysterious tale and a thrilling venture with every touch!
• Take a stand against scary villains for example Zurg and Pete to save the Empire!

Come us while in the many mysterious free sport on cellular! It’s your world for that building!

Great to perform for followers of Disney, Disneyland, theme park games, Pixar video games, an enjoyable sport, tycoon games, free family games, and park builder games.
You’ll be able to download and enjoy this game free of charge. Please be educated that in addition, it enables you to play using virtual-currency, which can be purchased while you by selecting to watch specific ads through the sport, or advance, or by spending with realmoney. Purchases of virtual-currency using real cash are performed using different type of fee connected with your consideration, and so are activated when you enter your Google Play account password, with no need to re-enter, or a creditcard your credit card number.
In-software purchases might be limited by altering the authorization settings inside your Play Shop adjustments (Google Play Store Home “>> Settings “>> Need authorization for acquisitions) and setting up a code for each purchase / Every 30 minutes or Never.
Limiting password protection might result in unauthorized purchases. We highly encourage you to retain password-protection switched on if others might have access to your system or if you have kids.
This game includes promotion for Gameloft’s items or some parties that will redirect one to a third party website. It is possible to eliminate your device’s ad identifier getting used for awareness-based advertising in your device’s options selection. This program can be found inside the Settings app “>> Balances (Individual) “>> Google “>> Ads (Settings and Solitude) “>> optout of interest-based advertisements.
The player to connect for the Web will be required by selected areas of this game.

Discover more concerning the game on the official site — http://www.disney-secret-kingdoms.com/

Visit with our official site website_EN
Check the new website at http://gmlft.co out /main

Do not forget to follow us on social-media:

Facebook: http://gmlft.co/SNS_FB_EN
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Instagram: http://gmlft.co/GL_SNS_IG
Facebook: http://gmlft.co/GL_SNS_YT

Privacy Policy: http://www.gameloft.com/en/privacy-notice
Terms of Use: http://www.gameloft.com /en/conditions-of-use
End user License Agreement: www.gameloft.com that is http:// /en/eula

Phoenix Sim 3D Hack Coins Generator no Jailbreak No Survey

Phoenix Sim 3D Coins Hack Cheat Generator

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Phoenix Sim 3D Coins Hack Generator Tutorial

  • Enter your Phoenix Sim 3D ID
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  • DONE!

Phoenix Sim 3D Hack Generator Features

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Phoenix Sim 3D Game Info

Maybe you have desired to live the phoenix, battle’s illusion existence with tough foes while a family group is raised by you and defeat the fantasy world? You can now become the supreme phoenix bird in a simulator unlike any – Phoenix Sim 3D!

Convey the magic phoenix as you hunt and fly across a huge 3D globe. Enhance and modify your phoenix, and undertake other foes including humans, skeletons, and challenges.


– Journey in a dream simulation and struggle your enemies to be more powerful
– Simulation challenges you to retain health insurance and energy by eating and drinking, as being a real phoenix would do, right?
– Renowned phoenix never dies. Go through recovery of the final word bird’s process
– Use flame and fire’s strength to attack fear into your opponents

– Start your family of phoenix birds. Look after your little chickens till they develop into fierce competitors
– Every person in the family is much like a whole new figure, that you play and also could customize

– Phoenix data might be tailored like never before. Name your phoenix, select color, your sex, as well as resize individual body parts
– Customize your phoenix with colors of the flare

– Preventing your enemies may give you experience to level-up your phoenix
– Phoenix figures including Power, Pace and Wellness could make you the bird that is final word
– Fight bosses that are new

– Joining a free account enables so that you never lose your development, you to back-up your people on the Cloud
– Feel The continious gameplay as all your heroes may also be available your devices on all

– Success skills are crucial within this enormous earth
– Learn 4 islands, each having its own environment
– 5 dens, lovers and Predators await you within the world that is dangerous

– Our imagination simulation is indeed huge that it requires a whole new form of 3D road. Zoom and method you desire, rotate in and out, and also use the compass
– Set markers to easily understand the planet

– The simulator features an exact, extremely advanced temperature process including different levels of rain and thunder

– by hunting certain enemies, Discover achievements
– Find amazing facts about the phoenix

Recreation features that are additional
– 20 enemies to hunt
– A in-sport menu provides you with info on most of the enemies you’ll be fighting
– Rotatable camera lets you zoomin and out
– indepth search process with 20 missions to accomplish
– plenty of adjustments: left/right-handed, static/ energetic joypad, switch/joypad sizes, text options that are flying

1GB RAM or maybe more

Become the final phoenix bird, levelup and increase a family in Phoenix Sim, the fantasy emergency sport that offers a chance to be legendary phoenix to you!

Obtain Phoenix Sim 3D and accept the illusion living today!

Follow us
Follow us on Facebook:

Follow us in Vkontakte:
Vk.com/turborocketgames that is http://

Have some fun playing Phoenix Sim!

If you have any suggestions or ideas for your game – contact us please:

We’re receiving happier your email message with each.

Take note, that we aren’t any way affiliated with some other animal simulation games manufactured by other game companies.


Dragons World Hack Generator For Crystals

Dragons World Crystals Hack Cheat Generator

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Dragons World Crystals Hack Generator Tutorial

  • Enter your Dragons World ID
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  • DONE!

Dragons World Hack Generator Features

  • Regular check new updates from Dragons World game
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Dragons World Game Info

A fairytale universe packed with journey, flying countries and wonder awaits! Collect different kinds of monster and produce new types! Battle against different players in events! Demonstrate that you’re the top monster owner the entire world has ever witnessed!

Recreation features:
– Completely 3D world – Remarkable design, true 3D and complete liberty of motion!
– Assortment – Over 300 dragon breeds with unique qualities from unique conditions. Type totally extraordinary dragons and observe their results within the Book of Dragons!
– Struggles – utilize amulets, make them shield and Train your dragons. Send win and dragons for the contest!
– 1000S Of participants around the globe – Visit with your friends’ destinations and acquire items. Challenge players that are other and consider first place to the League Stand!
– International guide – Massive archipelagos of traveling destinations!
– Frequent updates – new dragons New quests, new secret items and even more each month!

Easy Jurassic Park Builder Bucks Hack instant (unlimited 99999)

Jurassic Park Builder Bucks Hack Cheat Generator

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Jurassic Park Builder Bucks Hack Generator Tutorial

  • Enter your Jurassic Park Builder ID
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  • DONE!

Jurassic Park Builder Hack Generator Features

  • Regular check new updates from Jurassic Park Builder game
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Jurassic Park Builder Game Info

*** Welcome FOR Jurassic Park!***
In line with the ground-breaking movie franchise “Jurassic Park, your own interesting fun trip is experienced by ” about the strange Isla Nublar!

Develop your Jurassic Park from A on land, to Z and out at sea! You’re the park’s primary seller: mature numerous dinosaur species once you’ve produced their genetics from amber fragments. Then, transform this DNA together with your friends’ support. Put within marine your area or glacial park-then help them build to complete adult size. With regards to the diet for each variety, dinosaurs will be needing plants, meat, fish or fish to develop. Make sure by monitoring the present arrivals at the harbor you always have food. To ensure that guests may come for your parks finally, create visitor pursuits because they build streets and investigate your lovely creations.

To entertain your attendees and accumulate more resources, you will need to be imaginative and decorate your parks and build various destinations and buildings for example resorts entertainment stores, restaurants, and safety offices. Mode allows also and you to improve your results further stop the dinosaurs from escaping and causing havoc around the area. But to gain access to that mode, you should have to cultivate atleast 5 carnivores!

See new variety and in order to develop your own marine park, you’ll have to accomplish level 10!

So that you can develop your personal glacier park and find out new variety, you will have to attain level 20!

On the way, you will encounter familiar figures from Dr. Ian Malcolm the Park videos such as for example, or John Hammond, who’ll help you enhance inside your voyage by giving you objectives to satisfy.

Jurassic Park Builder features:
• 44 different dinosaur species to get & mature.
• 43 unique sea animal variety to get & increase.
• 43 dinosaur species in the Glacial period to find out and develop, including the popular woolly Mammoth.
• Live multi-player gameplay with Facebook friends and also Park supporters that are other
• Built-in interpersonal capabilities (ability to visit, aid and present pals).
• Spectacular visual & audio outcomes with 3D animations.

Begin start building and your great adventure!

You accept the terms of the certified arrangements by installing this request.

Are you a supporter of Jurassic Park Creator? Like us on Facebook for support and daily giveaways! https://www.facebook.com/JurassicParkBuilder

Tap Adventure Hack Gems No Survey

Tap Adventure Gems Hack Cheat Generator

63,346 Votes for WORKS / 34 For FAIL

Last Updated : 4 days ago ( V 75,32,44 )

Tap Adventure Gems Hack Generator Tutorial

  • Enter your Tap Adventure ID
  • Insert amount of Gems you desired
  • Click Generate Button
  • Let our Tap Adventure Hack Tool Verify your Tap Adventure account
  • DONE!

Tap Adventure Hack Generator Features

  • Regular check new updates from Tap Adventure game
  • Android / iOS Supported for this Tap Adventure Gems Hack Generator
  • Tested and undetectable
  • Gain an advantage within the Tap Adventure
  • Exclusive Proxy Protection Available
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  • 100% Working And Safe Tap Adventure Gems Cheat Tool

Tap Adventure Game Info

Set about a thrilling voyage seeking awards and reputation, as well as a team of courageous Characters.
And might the lightning fast TAP be along with you!


• 7 ​basic character lessons, each with special abilities and choices in leveling
• 30 epic companies along with a range of monsters
• 8​ various colorful worlds
• 1​75 pieces of gear and weapons for that heroes
For defeating bosses, • Important benefits
• B​rilliant graphics and spectacular effects
• A​nd plenty of gold, lots of gold!

In route to the spectacular city Ageron you need to go through dense forest, crazy swamps, dense​ j​ungle, gold-mines, classic glaciers, and lifeless wilderness. Since swamps and the wetlands are inhabited by evil goblins and ogres be equipped for anything ; bad predators and wild brownies cover while in the woods, and tribes of baboons and natives fill the jungle. L​ocal people don’t like thieves: the only path to get past i​s to fight them!
Your primary system and defense — a dazzling TOUCH that is speedy! With one motion of your finger you can summon lightning along around the brains of one’s adversaries, create personalities use their abilities, or enhance their equipment. Cease attacking enemies, accumulate silver, and discover rare artifacts in Patchworld.​

A couple of strategies for a successful struggle:

Pick among seven courageous Heroes​ — e​very of these will probably be worth an entire group! Consider the chance on your own shoulders, together with your dedicated players as well as the energy bestowed from the Author, the Patchworld’s Chief Custom.
Boost your basic capabilities and improve your Personalities. Assessment ways and managers before fight and update the capabilities that are required. The hold of challenge depends on it!

Merit that is accumulate chests whenever you destroy companies. They include fresh garments for the Heroes.

Visit with each place that is amazing having its varied occupants and regulations, and get bonuses that are accessible that boost performance and your qualities, upping your likelihood of winning.

Develop a Time Loop, to go back and get a very important reward. Reset your skills and acquire magic rune rocks,​which develop strong artifacts, and bestow unprecedented capacity to fight your foes.


Gun Master 2 Gun Coins Hack Generator for Android / IOS

Gun Master 2 Gun Coins Hack Cheat Generator

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Last Updated : 5 days ago ( V 53,29,69 )

Gun Master 2 Gun Coins Hack Generator Tutorial

  • Enter your Gun Master 2 ID
  • Insert amount of Gun Coins you desired
  • Click Generate Button
  • Let our Gun Master 2 Hack Tool Verify your Gun Master 2 account
  • DONE!

Gun Master 2 Hack Generator Features

  • Regular check new updates from Gun Master 2 game
  • Android / iOS Supported for this Gun Master 2 Gun Coins Hack Generator
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Gun Master 2 Game Info

Upgrade, modify and take your preferred markers! For you are waiting over two many extremely sensible and completely dangerous firearms in Marker Master the rifle designer software using the best looking markers, 2.

Actually wanted to possess a big system of even, pistols, shotguns and rifles machine guns at home? Today you’ve the right possibility with Weapon Grasp!

You will find a great number of alternatives – sniper rifles, pistols assault rifles, shotguns, it is named by you! You’ll find a lot of incredible firearms inside, you will end up ready for-anything! Zombie apocalypse? Whole disorder? Alien invasion? Bring it on! Let the shooting begin!

Every weapon seems so excellent in this gun contractor. That is not the fun all, although you’ll spend sleepless nights only admiring them! In Rifle Master 2 you switch gun drums can add scopes to every rifle, change triggers, determine which newspaper best matches your shooting type, fix gun accessories and select your favorite buttstock.

Buildup you pistols, get to be the Lord of Struggle. Justice was served by the potent, flexibility defending, rifle wielding winner of gunpowder!


There is not hours per day, however the ammunition charges are soaring although desire you might spend more time at the shooting range?

No problems! With Gun Master 2 weapon simulator you’ll be able to benefit from the firing range treats from one’s couch’s ease!

Provide the weapon of your selection, choose from firing selection settings that are many and stage in to the motion!
Throw off exercise targets’ limbs, destroy them using a headshot that is well-placed or verify your accuracy in traditional goal challenge.

Every single marker is unlockable at no cost in this marker creator simulator! For free you could have them all with enough persistence. Begin the trip gun, of the excited -caring handgun collector.

For anyone of us who appreciate gun powder’s scent in the morning: Stick to your weapons and download Weapon Master 2 today. It wo n’t be regretted by you. It is the finest weapon creator application available. TOTALLY FREE!

Although the weapon designer with finest-seeking guns is currently accessing right to your unit, here is a comprehensive listing of them:

UMP45 Submachine Gun
MP5 Submachine Gun
SG552 Carbine Rifle
G36 Assault Rifle
SPAS12 Shotgun
M4A1 The Famous American Carbine
AK 47 Avtomat Kalashnikov Assault Rifle
KSG12 Shotgun
MK14 Superior Battle Rifle
Barrett 98B Sniper Rifle
P90 Personal Defense System
SCAR – Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle
AA12 Incredible Auto Assault shotgun with zero recoil
AS50 Sniper Rifle
PG39 Experimental Concept Defense Weapon
ACR – Adaptive Combat Rifle
M249 Light Machinegun (LMG)
F2000 Modern Bullpup Assault Rifle
AK-2047 Visionary notion for Contemporary Kalashnikov Gun
MN79 Heavy Machinegun concept

MK23 SOCOM Pistol
Magnum 44 Double Action Revolver
Desert Eagle Hand Cannon
UZI Submachine Gun
Kriss Vector Weapons System

In addition to a couple distinctive, of totally remarkable rather than noticed before Gauss guns.

The GUS- R sniper rifle and assault gun!

More guns to return. The rifle building 2 to simulator Marker Master will be here to remain.