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OkApp is a mobile gaming industry and has proofed their creativity by releasing the ever popular strategy genre game, titled Battle of Zombies . Build your base to defend incoming attacks, train army and have them lined up ready to fight in raid and battles or challenge another player by making clans with your friends .

The game offers offline play, like traveling and raiding the campaign map. Also, they support online play with clans and then participate in clan wars. The game rakes the popularity of zombies and packs it in a nice developed graphic, the graphic is pretty good and pretty much support the overall gameplay .

This strategy building game main goal is to have a good defensive building in your base to withstand enemy attack, and to have a powerful line of zombie army to raid other player bases.

The most valuable currency is Gems, which you can get by playing campaign map or battling in online match, but the game rarely gives you Gems by doing that routine .



We all know the important thing about having a lot of Gems, as it helps with the speed up feature, so you don’t have to wait long for your building to be built or army to be trained .

I know you want gems for free because accessing in-game store is just dumb, so we introduce you with Battle Of Zombies Gems Hack generator.

With Battle Of Zombies Gems Hack you can have any amount of Gems just by a click away and it is completely free! There is no restriction so you can take all the gems that you want!

Battle Of Zombies Gems Hack Tool have a wide feature of:

  • unlimited Gems stock
  • no restriction or limitation
  • completely free
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